With the busyness of city life, hot spring bath is the best choice of reducing fatigue, stress and bringing peacefulness after work. It can achieve this effect and fun with soaking. With the aim of bringing health, comfort, relaxation and fun and reducing fatigue, stress, pain and sorrow, our company distributes a variety of strict japanese hot spring bath salts with significant effect for your choice.



Genuine Statement:

Bath salts and bath products of our company are genuine minerals, sourcing directly from Japan to ensure that they are the same retail product in Japan.



Selected Hot Spring Products
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Selected Hot Spring Products
Gero Hot Spring Bath Salts (25g)
Arima Hotspring Golden Bath Salts (500g)
Kusatsu Hot Spring Bath Salts (25g)
Magma Onsen Powder Bath Salt (400g)
Beppu Uimijigoku Magma Onsen Bath Salt(15g x 21 packets)
Tou Gen Sen Magma Onsen Bath Salt (20g x 15 packets)
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